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Rivers State is the sixth-largest geographic area in Nigeria according to 2006 census data. The state has an indigenous diverse population with major riverine and upland divisions. The dominant ethnic groups are: Ikwerre, Ijaw and Ogoni. Upland Rivers State covering about 61% is composed mainly of Ikwerre and Ogoni, although there are many other minority people in the region.

The riverine, including most of the state’s towns and villages surrounded by water is moderately inhabited. It covers approximately 39% of the total land mass and holds a significant Ijaw population.

This list refers to the various autonomous ethnic groups residing within Rivers State’s boundaries in addition to its upland and riverine areas.

1 Abua 10 Kalabari
2 Andoni 11 Kula
3 Bille 13 Ndoni
4 Ekpeye 14 Nkoro
5 Eleme 15 Nkoroo
6 Engenni 16 Ogba
7 Etche 17 Okrika
8 Ibani 18 Saro
9 Ikwerre

Our Culture


Rivers State with a population of about three million people occupies an area of 21,850 sq. km. With two thirds of it in the Niger Delta geographical terrain. The dominant ethnic groups are Ijwa, Ikwere, Etche, Ogoni, and Ogba/Egbema. Ijaw and Ikwerre are the most spoken languages although pidgin English (local English) is widely used in some of the radio and television broadcasts.