To project the good image of the State through grassroot sports development, youth empowerment through recreational sports and overall well being and fitness of our citizenry.


In order to realize the said vision, the mandate of the Ministry of Sports therefore, is to provide and bring into focus a new set of progressive policy initiatives whose aims  are:

To promote an awareness of general fitness, health, recreational and leisure activities of the individual Rivers citizens, whatever his/her age, occupation and status;

To provide a forum for free and fair competition, based on approved regulations, amongst Rivers people of different backgrounds and extending this forum to national level with a view to forging a bond of understanding and friendship amongst the different ethnic groups of Rivers State;

To provide opportunities in encouraging traditional Sports with a view to upgrading them for competition at State level, National level and International levels;

To provide the State with the Opportunity of measuring its Sporting prowess against that of other States in the Federation with a view to establishing a respectable position for Rivers State in the Sporting Community of Nigeria;

To arrange physical activity programme for all ages and provide the required   manpower and sports facilities.