The Rivers State Ministry of Environment is responsible for the promotion of a healthy and clean environment. It formulates, executes and reviews policies on  environmental/ecological programmes and projects in the state.The Ministry of Environment was created in 2003 by His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Rivers State and subsume the functions and activities of the Rivers State Environmental Protection Agency (RSEPA) established by the Rivers State Environment Protection edict No. 2 of 1994.

To cause a systematic Environmental remediation through transparent pursuit of Sectorial policies, public engagement and equitable enforcement of green legislation.


  1.  Administration department is one of the eight departments of the Ministry of Environment that handles Staff Matters e.g Promotion, Appointment, Discipline, Training, Salary Administration and Supervision. Retirement and Staff Welfare etc.
  2. The Department of Flood and Erosion and Coastal Zone Managements is vested with the duty to monitor and attend to Flood and Erosion related problems in the State.
  3. The Department of Environment Planning, Research and Statistics: This department is one of the four technical departments in the Rivers State Ministry of Environment. The department is saddled with the responsibility of Planning the Ministry’s activities including the supervision of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), and Environmental Audit Report (EAR) scoping workshop etc. of proposed project with a view to determining the likely environmental impact(s) of such projects on the human environment.
  4. The Environmental Health and Safety Department: This department has the responsibility of House to House Inspection and Sanitation Enlightenment on best practices on Environmental Sanitation, Enforcement of Same and Legal duties.
  5. CLAIMS, COMPENSATIONS AND RELIEF DEPARTMENT: This department serves as an eye of the Rivers State Government in receipt of petition/complaint and Monitoring of Oil Spill Compensation and remediation matters. In other words, they ensure that the multinational Companies Pay Proper and adequate compensation, remediation and relief to the affected host communities.
  6. Inspectorate And Enforcement Department (IED): This department Carries out the following functions. Inspects and submits statistical report on the following:- Oil Spillage- Post Clean-up/Remediation -Registration/Renewal of Environmental Consultants – Facility visit to companies- Conflict Resolution Meetings- Waste to Wealth.
  7. The Pollution Control Department: As the name implies is expected to formulate policies and implement activities that will prevent and control the Pollution of the Environment of Rivers State and advise the Honourable Commissioner from time to time as the need arises.
  8. Finance and Accounts Department: This department receives and disburses fund accrued to the Ministry in accordance to Budgetary allocations. Please contact the Director Finance & Account.
  9. Internal Audit Unit: The Internal Audit Unit cross-check Government releases from Ministry of Finance to know how they are expended. Please Contact the Director Internal Audit.


People can gain access to services/assistance from the Ministry by simply coming to the administrative offices of the Ministry or calling at our parastatal offices in the State.