Our mandate is to put in place programmes and events that will attract international, national and local tourists to savour our rich cultural activities and tourist sites for relaxation  and education.


The Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s Mission/Vision is to promote the diverse cultural heritage of Rivers’ people and to identify and develop the tourism potentials of the State as a means of  job creation, wealth generation as well inculcating pride and dignity in our local art work and cultural values. This is to establish and brand Rivers State a choiced destination for cultural tourism beside oil and gas.


Objectives will include among others:

To draw immediate attention to Tourism development in Rivers State.
To provide leisure and recreational faculties in the Local Government area of the State.
To reawaken interest and active participation of all stakeholders in the development of Rivers State Culture towards economic well being of the people.
To identity the Cultural diversity and heritage of the state for proper management and utilization.
To regulate, categorize, standardize and control hotels, restaurants, fast foods, travel agencies, four operators and other tourism related enterprises.
To provide enabling environment for the development of traditional small scale/ cottage enterprises for domestic and export promotion.