Departments and Heads of Department:

  1. Publications / Mr. Dan Oruwari
  2. Public Enlightenment / Mr. Paulinus Nsirim
  3. Research & Statistics / Mr. Chidi Adiele
  4. Administration / Mr. Godpower Ordu
  5. ICT/Public Communications / Mr. Kenneth F. Okujagu
  6. Finance & Administration / Mr. McCathy Misoma L.
  7. Govt. Printing Press / Mr. Bello Olatunde
  8. Archives / Library Services
Ministry Department

and Agencies

Location Other


1 Government House Government House
2 Office of the deputy Governor Government House
Secretary to State Government Point Block – 2nd-5th floor
Special Adviser on Waterfront Development Block C
R/S Liaison Office Lagos Lagos
  R/S Liaison Office Abuja Abuja