The Youth Development Ministry started as a unit in the Deputy Governor’s office in 1980, and then it moved to Ministry of Information, Youth and Culture then to Youths/Sports Bureau, then to Ministry of Youths and Social Welfare, then to Ministry of Women Affairs and Youth Development then Ministry of Youth Development & Economic Empowerment.

In 2008, the unit became a full-fledged Ministry now called Ministry of Youth Development. Youth are one of the greatest assets that any nation can have. Not only are they legitimately regarded as today and future leaders, they are potentially and actually the greatest investment for country’s development.

Young women and men are, in particular, recognized as a vital resource whose future prospects are inextricably tied to that of their country. They are valued possession of any nation or region. Without them there can be no future. They are the center of reconstruction and development.

Youth development is the training of mind and body of the youth for proper integration into the society and for positive development. It involves the provision of infrastructure, creation of institutions, and processes     that will enhance the development of the youth. Government has over the years strived to create a favourable condition for youth development but efforts put in place are not commensurate with the enormous problems confronting youth development.

The long neglect of the youth development sector has resulted in youth restiveness, militancy, unemployment etc and if not properly addressed may lead to national insecurity and chaos hence the need for a comprehensive plan and programmes for youth development.

Rivers state with a population of about six million(6,000,000.00) people has a population of about 4.5 million youth;  with this number, there’s definitely challenge for the government and other private sectors on  how to develop and empower these youths and integrate them into the mainstream of the productive segment of the state population.

It is in this regard that the ministry of Youth Development was established with the mandate of preparing the youths for present and future challenges to achieve sociology-cultural and economic well-being for selfless services, responsible citizenship and effective leadership through the articulation of relevant programmes of action for Development in the state.

Past and Present Commissioners of the Ministry

Hon. Felix U. Nweke    2007 – 2011
Hon. Owene E. Wonodi     2011 – 2015
Hon. Princewill Ogbubula     2015 – Present